CSA’s Increased Attacks

September 3rd, 2021

“Future historians will praise two features of the National Socialists: their ability to take punishment and their unscrupulousness in misleading the people.  In the evening paper they have the nerve to maintain the opposite of what they maintained in the morning paper, and the people swallow both.”
-Victor Klemperer, diary entry for January 1, 1944

The Canadian Standards Association (“CSA / Civil Service”) arranged quite a barrage for us this summer.  It’s been full, folks.

In the last two weeks, the Civil Service sent threat letters to some of our vendors, including our web providers.  The letters claimed that PS Knight Americas had been found guilty of copyright violation and that we had been enjoined by Court from operating the psknight.com website.

Regular readers know these claims to be false.  In fact, with regard to CSA’s latest attempted injunction, the Hearing hasn’t been heard yet -it hasn’t even been scheduled yet!  But hosting companies don’t know that and CSA didn’t disclose it.

The Civil Service also sent versions of these letters to the hosting companies that our primary hosting contractor had partnered with. 

Then they sent threats to the domain registries.

The psknight.com website went down on August 9th.

Of course, thanks to CSA, the email addresses at psknight.com went down along with the website.  The Court then sent documentation to those addresses, demanding that we respond to them.  So, first the Civil Service lied to our vendors to take down our website extralegally, then they sent emails to the addresses they had rendered non-functional, then the Court claimed that we declined to respond to their emailed inquiries.  Ah, justice in Canada….

As an amusing side note, the law firm the Civil Service used to issue the threats was Kestenberg Siegel Lipkis.  That’s right, the same, shabby shoe-cobbling outfit they’d hired to dig mud on me back in 2012.  And yes, they’re still located on in that same nondescript, can’t even afford a door sign, Toronto office on Granby.  It’s a Porsche Boxter kind of place; it is, as Jeremy Clarkson would put it, the kind of office that says; “my career hasn’t worked out quite as well as I’d hoped.”

Well, sending a complaint to a domain registrar automatically blocks the website for a minimum of ten days.  We can send a counter notification, and we did, pointing out the obvious deceit of CSA’s threat letter but, at law, the registrar cannot release the site until the ten days has elapsed. 

The Civil Service knows this.  That’s why they did it.  They can shut us down on false charges and escape without consequence.

Remember all those falsified test results, the fabricated reports, the faked legislative amendments, the eight years of counterfeiting -all this crime, all the time?  Remember all that?  Deceit is what they do.  And they did it again.

Next we received a note from PayPal, advising that PS Knight Americas’ US merchant account was frozen and our money was transferred to the Civil Service.  They did this, they reported, on Court order.  They were advised of the Court order by CSA’s lawyers, Kestenberg Siegel Lipkis.  The fact that the Civil Service’ US lawsuit against PS Knight Americas hasn’t happened yet wasn’t disclosed to PayPal.

Kestenberg also declined to mention that the only Court Rulings CSA has arranged are in Canada, whereas PS Knight Americas Inc is a US firm. 

Let’s not be rough with PayPal.  They got a letter from a law firm that seemed legitimate, sent on behalf of the Government of Canada, quoting a Ruling in a foreign Country and assuring PayPal that it applied in the United States.  What’s PayPal supposed to do?  They can’t research every background.  They took the Civil Service statement at face value and handed our account balance to CSA.

See?  Harm, without cost.  Thankfully, at least it was a small balance.

Our corporate website has been down since August 9th and, save for a handful of wholesale orders, we’ve had no revenues since then.  Getting the site back up was more than waiting out the ten-day hold regulation.  We had to shift domain registry outside of Canada, find a new IT contractor -it was a frenetic few days.

As to our hosting provider, CSA’s threats there were harder to deal with.

You see, our web host is a rather small one.  Its owner is a personal friend of mine.  And that relationship came out in Discovery at one of CSA’s litigations.  So, sensing weakness, the Civil Service started targeting my personal friends, knowing that they’re too small to afford a big fight.  We sorted it, but at cost and crisis.

Then, on Wednesday, we got a call from our merchant account provider.  This is the financial backend of our website, handling credit card transactions.  They received the same threat letter, had no way of knowing that CSA was lying, and asked us for a sombre and reflective discussion.  So yes, that’s another crisis that we’re sorting.

Look, the Civil Service filed for an injunction, right?  And they filed for injunctions in both Canada and in the US.  It’s just that neither injunction has happened yet, they haven’t even been scheduled in either jurisdiction.  The Civil Service is trying to accomplish extralegally the same things they’re demanding through Court. 

Here’s how it’s supposed to work.  Upon receipt of a lower Court Ruling (as in the 1178 Ruling earlier this month), a full thirty days is provided for either party (or both) to appeal the Ruling to a higher Court.  If one party is worried that the other will file for appeal, the worried party can file for an interim injunction against the other party, to prevent that party from continuing whatever the lower Court ruled against while both sides await the appeal.  This is what the Civil Service did.

They just didn’t wait for the injunctive ruling.  Or the Hearing.  Or the scheduling of the Hearing.  They just assumed that they’d win the injunction in both Countries, so they sent letters claiming that they’d already done so.

And they didn’t wait the required thirty-days from the date of Ruling either.

Next, the Civil Service sent a letter to the domain registrar for the RestoreCSA website.  The Civil Service didn’t wait the required 30-days for that either, so we hadn’t finished our transition of the website yet.  Dirty pool.  They got the RestoreCSA site pulled.

We’d secured all of the content already, so we put all that content back up on our new site; Deep6Project.com.  There’s a hint of what’s coming in that title, folks.  Sunlight, remember?

Then there’s the Civil Service’ newest lawsuit, the 1166 litigation.  This is the Canadian injunction on PS Knight activities.  It’s all a bit odd, in that we have no activities within Canada anymore, so there’s no activity to discuss in Court, as we’ve already fled the Country and transferred assets south already.  But anyway, 1166 is what they’re doing.

The Court, which is to say; the Civil Service, wanted to schedule an 1166 case management call to assign a schedule for all of the legal processes of this new and exciting litigation.  We replied to the Court, noting that they have six duplicated litigations against us running concurrently, and most of these have processes already scheduled for the fall.  It’s already a full fall.  Unlike the Civil Service, I’m just me.  I mean, I use the pronoun “we” to describe the sprawling business empire of PS Knight but when it comes to the actual doing of the work of defence, there’s just me trying to do it all.  In other words, with this massive pile of litigation work already scheduled for the fall…

“This is not a question of adjusting a schedule.  Any Hearing on this latest filing, and all of the myriad of discoveries, cross-examinations, affidavits, written representations, and the like is beyond possibility during 2021.”

While CSA wanted everything to happen in August yet (amazingly!), we suggested the first week of December as the earliest that the latest of their many litigations could begin.  Still, the Court wanted a case management call to sort it all out.  And they only wanted to hear their own side.  So, the Court asked me to advise of my availability for the case management call.  On Aug 17th, I replied with availability during the following week, as….

“Mid-week, next week I have wide availability Wed – Fri.”

With this information, the Court scheduled the call for Aug 20th, two days hence.  I noted in response….

“Your office has therefore scheduled a meeting for a day in which you knew that I am not available.  A bit transparent, don’t you think?”

On Aug 20th, the Federal Court and their CSA colleagues, representing two branches of the Civil Service, held another secret meeting, this time to decide a schedule for their litigations against the party not present for the discussion.  They want the deed done quickly.

They’re in quite a hurry in all this, aren’t they?  Why do you suppose that is?

Seriously folks, we’ve been in this since 2012 and even when counting case management phone calls as court activity, there’s been almost no activity in court through the summers of every year of all of CSA’s litigations.  And I’m saying “almost” no activity not because I can remember any (I can’t remember any), but just in case there was a call in there somewhere that I’ve forgotten about. 

Canadian courts famously shutter over the summer.  Yes, there is activity there, in the same way some stores sell ski jackets in July.  They do sell them, just not many of them.

Yet after nine years of nothing each summer we’ve suddenly faced a flurry of Court activity.  We’ve had two major Rulings in just over two weeks, an entirely new litigation launched (the 1166 case) and, amazingly, the Court is highly active in scheduling everything CSA wants, and all this with generous helpings of unhelpful filings, prothonotary directives, and so forth.  It’s been a seriously unusual amount of Court activity this summer.

Also, keep in mind, the Courts are backlogged due to Corona lockdowns.  And they’re clearing the backlog slowly, with criminal cases taking priority. 

So why all this sudden, unusual activity?  Why all the barrage of Court engagement on this particular file?  It’s so out of character, so out of Court custom, so out of line in the context of backlogs, so mighty peculiar that we’ve been mighty suspicious of all this sudden urgency.

Well, about a week ago our suspicions were vindicated.

We got a phone call.  An insider wanted to talk, floundered it bit, wasn’t sure what they should disclose and what they should leave alone.  They gave some information, about the flow of information, shall we say, and how much of the stuff the Civil Service picked up from one of their colleagues down here in exile. 

It seems that CSA was tipped off about some of our sunlight. 

For several months now we’ve been speaking of sunlight soon to shine all over Civil Service conduct.  We were serious.  As usual, the Civil Service didn’t think we were serious.  They’ve been ignoring all of these comments, considered them all bluff, even including similar comments we’d made during Court proceedings.

Then, it seems that sometime in June (exact date is uncertain), CSA was given specific warning of one aspect of the sunlight headed their way.  Egads, they said, this is really real!  Really!  Whatever shall we do now?

Well, panic, it seems.  Panic set in.  Now they had to move quickly.  They had to shut down PS Knight before the sunlight starts shining.

The Civil Service started pushing in June, filed their filings in July, and goaded their co-workers in the Court system to speed things in their favour by the start of August.  That’s why we’ve been barraged this summer.  The edifice of the Civil Service now knows its vulnerable and the whole rotted thing is lumbering to life to protect itself from exposure.  Oops; Sunlight.

The cool bit?  From what we now know, they only know a fraction of what’s coming. 

We’ll announce soon enough, but for the moment let’s let CSA stew in it a little.

The PS Knight backend is back, our emails are working again, the RestoreCSA content is now on Deep6project.com, the public website is back up and is humming along very nicely.  We know the bureaucrats are desperate, they’ll attack repeatedly in the next few months and we’re ready for that, we’ll deal with it.  But with every lying letter they send they give us more ammunition, a more relatable and compelling story of civil service corruption. 

They can’t stop what’s coming, and now they know it


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