November Takedown

November 29th, 2021

We’re back.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) arranged a takedown of this site, and our corporate website, earlier this month.  We got the corporate website back up within 24 hours.  Getting this site back took a couple of weeks. 

If you’ll permit a dose of ranting….

As usual with CSA, they relied on their Government status to get us silenced.  They sent a threat letter to our webhost, claiming that we were in breach of Government trademarks and in violation of a Court Ruling for using the words “Canadian Standards Association” on our corporate site and for referencing CSA throughout the Deep6Project website.

Look folks, this one’s absurd.  Our lawyer sent a note to the hosting company pointing out the absurdity.  The only use of the words “Canadian Standards Association” on our corporate site is a disclaimer which says; “PS Knight Americas Inc. is not part of, or associated with, the Canadian Standards Association.”

And that is a breach of trademark? 

Well of course not.  And the webhost knew it. 

And as for Deep6Project, we’re a US entity operating from a US jurisdiction under US law and are therefore under US freedom of expression law.  And the webhost knew that too.

The fact folks, is that being in the right doesn’t matter.  Power is what matters.

The webhost in question is a biggie.  They’ve got clients everywhere.  Their clients are in Canada; some of them anyway.  And they have clients in places where Canada has influence.  Canada can kill their business.

When any company gets a letter from a blue chip law firm, representing a powerful Agency of a G7 Country, well, that letter is taken seriously, no matter how silly its contents.  That’s what CSA counted on in sending us their first threat letter back in 2011.  All the struggle since then is, from a government perspective, an investment on ensuring that all future letters are taken seriously.  The threat is clear; do as we say or we’ll do to you as we did to PS Knight. 

From our webhost’s perspective then, it’s easier, less risky and much cheaper to throw us under the buss to placate a powerful government than to risk thousands of their clients to stand with one small, plucky company.

So we got throwed.

“Ain’t no horses that never been rode, or riders that never been throwed.” – Shakespeare (probably, I mean, I really don’t know).

You know what makes their recurring take downs really laughable?  Watch this;

“The Zigbee Alliance has changed its name to the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA).”

This, from a news release in spring, 2021.  That’s right folks, “the CSA” is the new trademark of a company in California.

You know what makes this even more amazing?  Well, says the newly minted CSA…

“Common standards are just good business.”

Sorry, what?

That’s one of their talking points, it’s on their website.

And what does this new CSA do?

“The Connectivity Standards Alliance creates and promotes universal open standards.”

What!  -What, what, what?

“The power of these standards, packaged with our certifications….”

Caught that?  They not only develop industry standards, they also do product certifications. 

This new CSA “has conducted thousands of certifications to date, and we’re proud to see millions of [CSA] certified products in use around the world.”

So the new CSA in California, though it has absolutely no relationship with the Canadian Government, is using the acronym “CSA” to market exactly the same package of standards development and certifications as the Canadian Standards Association.  And they’re fine.  No threats, no takedowns -nothing.

But our disclaimer that we’re not affiliated with CSA is grounds for takedown.

I fart in your general direction!” – Shakespeare.

The scale of hypocrisy, of corruption, of abuse of government power -it kind of wears on me, hence the rant.

Ending on a happy note, we will shortly be announcing the dates of coming sunshine.  We’ve hinted about sunshine a few times, that it’s coming, that its mighty bright, and that the Civil Service won’t like it.  We’ll have some dates to announce early in the year.

Then stuff happens.  Big stuff.  Good stuff. 

Stay tuned.